Simplify the Sales Process

​Sales+ is the ultimate tool for your sales team. Efficiently manage the sales process and provide a fantastic customer experience right from your tablet device. Accessible by 4G or Wi-Fi, using single sign-on. Sales+ is available for Android, iOS and Windows tablets.

Customers at a Glance

Greet customers in the showroom and edit their details, all from your tablet device, with no need to be confined to a PC.

Personalised Videos

Easily capture and share high-quality personalised videos with prospects straight from the tablet, improving the likelihood of closing more deals.

Offer Presentations

Present and agree finance options with your customers | Customers can sign finance agreements in the app or remotely with Adobe Sign, all attaching to the customer record.

Kiosk Mode

Allow customers to discreetly input their sensitive financial details straight into the DMS, for a secure and streamlined vehicle sales process.


Customers can electronically sign finance documents on the app or remotely with Adobe Sign, reducing the need for paper documents.

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