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Pinewood DMS supports everything from large wholesale multi-franchise operations with specialist requirements, (such as multiple bin locations and picking zones linked to complex van delivery schedules), through to smaller departments with a lower volume of stock.

Integration with the Pinewood DMS workshop booking system and menu pricing systems means your parts team will receive early notifications to ensure that the right parts are ready when customers arrive. Trade customers can place orders directly using the online trade portal.

Comprehensive re-ordering parameters can be linked to manufacturers stock replenishment programmes or managed locally based on demographic profile, value and sales frequency.

Customer Order Management

Customer order pre-picking | Retained invoices and enquiry lists | Automated discounting structure relative to terms and purchase type | Real-time processing.

Warehouse Control

Stock management for large warehouse operations | Integrated delivery processes.

B2B Parts

Parts trading across dealers using Pinewood DMS.

Manufacturer Integration

Pricing | Supersessions | Stock and Vehicle Off Road (VOR) ordering including high frequency automatic stock replenishment | Automatic receipts | Trade programmes | Locator | Invoice and statistical reporting.


‘Click and Drill’ reporting structure | Drill into parts records and view all details including movements and copy invoices.

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