Volkswagen Integrations

A Longstanding Partnership

A better experience for you and your customers

We have created a seamlessly integrated experience between Pinewood DMS and Volkswagen Group UK’s systems.

Through our close working relationship with Volkswagen Group, we have created a full suite of integrations which allow you to add value, remove inefficient processes and access information that allows you to run your dealership more smoothly and profitably.


  • AutoPart Dealer Movements – Allows users of AutoPart to send demand files for each of their VWG brands
  • AutoPart Order/ IO2 – Provides visibility of parts being replenished through AutoPart a day in advance
  • Stats Visibility – Minimum and maximum holding levels set by AutoPart are shown in the part record in the DMS. See stock levels of a part before replenishment
  • Daily parts movement history is sent to the AutoPart system

Automatically match off parts that have been delivered against the original DMS purchase order

Integration with the ET2000 Parts Master File provides parts information, dangerous good indicators and Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) connectivity.

  • Dangerous goods – indicators shown on the part card
  • Distribution Chain indicators
  • Accurate supersession information to ensure parts are ordered correctly

Check parts stock on hand at Dordon PDC and place an order if required.

Stock Checking

  • Parts availability – Check Volkswagen Group UK’s Parts Distribution Centre (PDC) without having to login to e-Parts DFS

Stock Ordering

  • Transmit orders directly from the DMS
  • See real-time acknowledgement from the manufacturer

Parts Invoice Verification (PIV) allows users to process invoices and credits from VWG for parts deliveries that have been ordered and delivered from PDC (Parts Distribution Centre).

  • Saves accounting time
  • Automatically match VWG invoice files against Purchase Orders that have been generated in the DMS
  • Works for all four invoice types:
    • Parts dispatched from Dordon PDC
    • Parts dispatched from Trade Parts Specialist (TPS)
    • Parts dispatched from 3rd party suppliers (Castrol, MichelDever)
    • Credit notes


Digital Service Reception in Pinewood DMS centres around our fully integrated mobile apps: Host+ and Tech+

  • Available across all app platforms, including all Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • All of your data is available in the apps and seamlessly synchronised with Pinewood DMS, providing real-time updates to customer and vehicle records


  • Effectively manage your service customers and enhance the customer experience
  • See expected customer arrivals for the day
  • Take arrival videos, for example recording existing damage to the vehicle, to protect your business from liability claims
  • View customer details such as contact information and booking requirements
  • Enables initiation of the VHC process with the customer, which can then be completed by a technician in Tech+
  • Capture customer’s signature on tablet devices


  • Helps technicians to improve productivity
  • Enhances aftersales experience for the customer
  • Provides up to date vehicle and customer information including copies of previous service invoices
  • Capture of VHC video to demonstrate and explain any extra work needed
Car salesman with Host+

ElsaPro is Volkswagen Group’s system for identifying repair operation tasks and providing actions to be carried out during a service. Elsa-R provides checking of vehicle recalls.

  • Launch ElsaPro directly from the DMS
  • Repair information is sent to ElsaPro and labour operation codes are sent to the DMS
  • Assign workload to technicians
  • Improve invoicing accuracy
  • Service progress – customers can be provided with in-depth information at time of booking, job creation and while work is underway in the retailer’s workshop
  • Workshop workload allocation – labour operation codes can be matched to the appropriately qualified technician for the job
  • Labour information passed from ElsaPro provides accurate labour descriptions and times for billing

The VWG Menu Pricing system provides factory labour operation codes with the correct pricing and parts for service and repair jobs.


  • Save time when creating quotes and improves quote accuracy
  • Automated population of labour and pars within a WIP
  • Generate more detailed invoices


  • Create menu-priced jobs for a specific vehicle
  • Re-use previously created menu priced jobs
  • Access the Menu Pricing interface within the DMS – at any stage of the service process
  • Reporting – use the Volkswagen Group’s factory repair codes
  • Accurate quotes for special offers – nationwide marketing campaigns (i.e. pricing offers) including the necessary parts
  • Clear job descriptions e.g. on customer invoices – throughout the process (quoting, booking and invoicing) show the same job descriptions as found on the official brand website, which are maintained by Volkswagen Group UK and easy for customers to understand

Pinewood DMS submits warranty claims to SAGA2, which is Volkswagen Group UK’s Warranty Payments System (WAPAS).

  • The claim manager can be launched from Pinewood DMS
  • Easier reconciliation – automatic posting and allocation of VWG payment files against submitted claims (once a claim has been approved by VWG)
  • Claim status
  • Validate and synchronise claims prior to submission to VWG
  • Accurate factory repair codes and parts

Tyre Programme allows the price file to be used in Pinewood DMS to provide tyre information.

  • Detailed tyre information (ratio, speed, wet braking, noise etc.)
  • Create a customer quote using accurate manufacturer information
  • Give customers a choice of tyres, such as ‘original’, ‘premium’ or ‘budget’ options, which you can define in the system


VWG Automatic Franchise Data Update enables the integration with Dealer Car Configurator (DCC), SLi and Vehicle Order Acknowledgement (VOA).

  • No manual maintenance – data updated automatically on a daily basis
  • Accurate make, model and variant information to improve data consistency throughout the DMS
  • Data comes directly from Volkswagen Group (no need for third-party providers)

DCC (Dealer Car Configurator) is Volkswagen Group’s browser-based application for configuring a customer’s desired vehicle. Retailers are able to fully configure vehicles for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brands, with the most up-to-date factory data.

  • Auto-save configured vehicle
  • Up-to-date pricing and specifications
  • Simple ordering
  • Enhance the customer experience – Configure the vehicle on-screen with a customer
  • Launch from within the DMS
  • Build validation – pre-saved configurations can be validated against current build rules and availability
  • Audi only: ‘Audi only Codes’ (configuration codes) generated on the consumer-facing online Audi Car Configurator, can be entered into the DMS and the configuration will be returned by DCC. No need to create a new configuration.

Automatically updates sales leads and any key updates between the dealer and VWG Lead Management System (LMS).

  • Leads will appear in the DMS as a sales opportunity from VWG
  • Any leads acquired by the dealer are sent to VWG for transparency
  • Updates including test drives, orders and vehicle delivery are all sent back to VWG
  • Tracks customer experience
  • All updated automatically in the DMS


VOA2 (Vehicle Order Acknowledgements) provides frequent progress reports on vehicles currently on order or in production.


  • Automatic order creation from price list data
  • Status updates – Check the status or location of a vehicle
  • Prevent pricing discrepancies – details provided so ordering and billing systems are up to date
  • Vehicle order progress – Alerts to keep your customers informed of vehicle build/delivery progress


  • Daily updates of vehicles on order
  • Notification of build changes during production process
  • Notification of location changes and consignment details

Automatically manages and updates vehicle price list data for VWG brands.

  • Accurate vehicle quotes/orders for all makes and models
  • Updated daily
  • Consistent and accurate information to align the DMS data with the factory system