Digital Retail

Seamless online sales and service​

Digital retailing is the all-in-one sales process that makes it easier and more exciting for customers to shop for cars at your dealership. Done right, automotive digital retailing ties your physical and digital processes into one seamless experience that can be navigated in any direction, no matter how many times your customers want to jump from internet to showroom and back again.

Our online retail capabilities allow customers to interact directly with the dealership to browse inventory, order vehicles, view their present vehicle and make service bookings.  The webapp platform integrates seamlessly with the DMS to achieve a zero in-person contact experience.

Live Stock Feed​

Browse and search stock, with images, specifications and pricing fed live from the DMS.

Price Builder​

Build a personal quotation with options, warranties and service packages.  Move on to confirm the deal or save it and return later.

F&I Integration​

Integrate finance and insurance to the deal, applying for approvals in one place.

Trade-In Appraisal​

Submit owned vehicles for trade-in appraisal, with application form and pictures.


Confirm the deal, digitally sign documents online and send directly via email.

Deposit and Delivery​

Pay deposits online and arrange collection of the vehicle when it’s ready. 

Look up Service History​

Look up vehicle details, view service history and manage documents​.

Book a service​

Select a service outlet and make a service appointment, select service packages and pay online.

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