Pinnacle DMS helps your automotive dealership to be more profitable

A different kind of DMS provider

Unlike traditional dealer management systems, Pinnacle can change shape as the needs of the business change. Our approach is to provide a simple and all-inclusive solution that provides value by being fully integrated without the need for costly specialist software. Dealerships using Pinnacle DMS are better equipped and so are more competitive within their market.

One System

Every Pinnacle customer accesses the very latest version of our DMS with no additional upgrade or feature costs.

Regular Releases

New version of Pinnacle launched every 2-3 weeks with additional enhancements, installed via our cloud deployment setup.

Unrivalled Cost Model

No upfront system costs, no infrastructure investment and simply a per-user monthly subscription.

Leading Accreditations

Microsoft Partner Accredited (6 Gold & 3 Silver) for quality people and systems, ISO 27001 data security and more.

Helping your dealership be successful

Every element of Pinnacle DMS has been considered against three pillars of success. It is this focus that allows us to present meaningful functionality that measurably helps your business to perform at its maximum. As a business partner we have an invested interest in the success of your business.

Customer Experience

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Your customers are as much as our priority to us as they are to you. We design solutions, with the end user in mind, that enhance the experience they receive at every possible touch point with your dealership, both on-site and online.

Profit Opportunities

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We want to work with long term partners and your success is important to us. Our software is designed to provide as many opportunities to realise profit as possible, so this competitive advantage can support your business long term.

Process Efficiencies

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Solutions, by nature, should make work flows quicker, easier, and more accurate. Each Release is designed to improve dealership processes to save your dealership time, money, and inaccuracies so you can refocus your attention on business performance.

Pinnacle DMS: one central database split by role-type

Our DMS is split by role-type, collating common tasks together to make your dealership more efficient. With one central database, all information is shared throughout the system contributing to a range of different features Pinnacle provides. Click below on specific role areas to understand more.


Making the most of your existing data and reutilising it throughout the system to provide you with insight to maximise marketing prospecting and after-sales opportunities


Control bookings, receipts, time management, processing and invoicing within a multi-brand workshop to maximise sales opportunities, utilising video and apps to support streamlined workflows


Flexibility to manage multi-franchise parts processing within a single after-sales department, with inter-group transfers, van runs, parts promotions and customer order management


Providing financial analysis, new and used stock control through to the day-to-day sales and vehicle administration processes from order to deposit


Providing live financial analysis and information, asset management, purchase ordering and much more across a complete business structure, whether a single or multi-site operation


Working with most vehicle, bike and truck manufacturers to their latest standards to ensure dealership compliance and reporting completion

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